04 Jan 2012

When starting a business, an entrepreneur will put her heart and soul into creating it. It often begins with an amazing idea, one that wakes you up at night and excites you. The vision begins to be formulated, shared and modified into something that actually could be. The business will – without question – have the characteristics and passions of its creator.

I find myself wondering if it is possible to exclude spirituality from this process? From beginning to end, there is so much of oneself dedicated to the creation of the idea, how can faith not play a role?

This is not necessarily a discussion about religion. It’s a commentary on spirituality, which, for you, might be religion-based. Whatever your faith or practice, I believe the values you hold dear cannot help but be transferred to the work that you do, including business ownership.

The question for me is, “What would happen if they were included deliberately?”  By design?

If all that we put out into the secular business world were inclusive of our deepest, dare I say ‘religious’ beliefs, would it make a difference? And what is the place for one’s faith in the business mix? How do you integrate it?  When I first became a business owner, my spirituality was very private and something that I didn’t integrate into my work. There was a division, so to speak, of church and state. But along my journey things shifted. My reasons for work moved from a focus on myself to a focus on others. More and more who I am spiritually became integral to the service of provided my clients. That shift
also changed my company mission statement, vision, and even how I select customers and vendors.

When I look at a company’s vision or mission statement, I look beyond the words and try to understand the deeper meaning of who they are, and what they stand for. I believe a vision is formed from deep within and by giving it words we create our mission.

While my faith and spirituality aren’t announced publicly, who I am and how I work with others is directly
influenced by it. Most who work closest with me get this about me. Others, who are new to working with me, can often sense that there is something there, but can’t always put a finger on it. And some others don’t sense it at all. And you know what? It’s all good. It really isn’t about putting out a shingle and declaring myself to be a certain way. It’s really about being who I am, at the core, as I grow my business and service my clients.

What do you think?  Do business and spirituality mix? Has it worked for you? Or not?

Want more brain food? Here are a couple of other articles I’ve come across on the topic. You know my perspective, but I’ve provided you with a few others to contemplate:

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