19 Jun 2012

The Art of Letting Go in Business

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A key foundation of business is to work toward a defined outcome or a measurable result. The achievement of that result is what we use to define our success, and is often a benchmark for the next project. We create specific goals and expectations for the result and whether it’s making a certain amount of revenue or walking away with a “satisfied” customer, we have a picture of how it should look. I don’t know about you, but I often become so attached to how it should look that I lose sight of how it “could” look. This attachment often keeps me from being open to other possibilities. And then, when things don’t work out as planned, I’m disappointed.

I believe in putting positive energy and intentions into the world, both for myself and for others. In a world that is so filled with negativity, complaining and heartbreak, I find that the practice of daily affirmations can not only shift how one feels about their circumstance, but bring the intentions into view, where they can be seen, shared and manifested. Declaring my intentions in both specific and general terms and being open to the results appearing however they do, has made a significant difference for me.

This doesn’t mean that I just sit back and let the world turn without doing my part to affect the results I desire. Quite the opposite! By powerfully stating my intentions, what I desire comes to life, and I begin to actualize those results in my work and interactions with others. I focus on both specifics and generalities, stating my desires clearly and concisely. I intend great results and overall success, yet I let go and trust that what will come, will come.

Quite often my specific desires come to fruition. Just as often my results look different from what I originally intended and have been even greater than what I imagined. So what’s the key? Just a little shift of two words (and my perspective!)  The key for me has been to let go of my attachment to how it should be and to be open to how it could be. Whenever I think I know exactly how it’s supposed to go, it shows up differently.  If I were tied to the first, I would be disappointed, reactive, even upset.  But letting go, and rolling with the new thing has given me freedom to be creative, flexibility and less stressed!

From a more spiritual perspective, I came across this article on SheLovesGod.com. It’s one woman’s story of the importance of letting go and how that has introduced wonderful new opportunities into her life.

Are you having challenges letting go? What gets in your way of having the success you desire? And when things don’t go your way, how do you react? Let’s chat!


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