17 Oct 2012

Perfecting your 30-second Sales Pitch

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Have you ever been to a dinner party or networking event and someone asks, “So, what do you do?” I’ve heard recently that asking that question is passé, as we are all so much more than the work we do, right?  Yet, it still gets asked, and we need to be prepared with a response that will take the recipient past nodding their head, to wanting to know more!

So, there you are on the receiving end of “what do you do?” You have a captive audience, an opportunity to engage them in your company’s story and potentially bring on a new client.

“I’m a consultant,” you say. And just like that, the chance to be interesting and engaging has passed you by. Or, maybe you’re the type that starts with, “I was born in a hospital in Florida…” and proceeds to share your life story that ends with, “I’m a consultant.”

Either way, the opportunity has been missed. When you have the chance to inspire people with what you do – take it! But you must keep some important concepts in mind to be effective and empowering.

  1. Time is not on your side. Try to keep your pitch to 30 seconds. It’s what we call the ‘elevator pitch.’ If you can tell someone about yourself and what you do during an elevator ride, you’ll garner success. If people want to know more, they’ll ask. But, as long as you’re clear and concise you’ll be surprised that you can tell the entire story in that amount of time.
  2. Speak to your passion. Share what it is about your work that really moves and excites you and the value clients get from working with you. Make sure you tell them the things you love about your work (and not just that it pays the bills).
  3. Practice makes perfect. Your pitch should come naturally and fluidly. Begin by writing it down on paper. That way you can see if anything is missing. Once you have your pitch developed – memorize it and embody it – make it an honest part of you. Finally, practicing in front of the mirror (as crazy as you’ll feel doing it) is a great way to get comfortable with your story. Make eye contact with yourself, so you can get used to relating to yourself as others relate to you!
  4. Keep it simple. Chances are the people you meet are not experts in your field – so don’t talk to them like they are. Be conversational and avoid industry jargon.

Keep in mind – you are an expert. People are only going to know the things you share with them. So, if you can’t explain the difference you make or the services your company provides, how can you expect others to understand your product or service enough to hire you?

At Pick My Brain, we can help you develop a pitch that is sure to bring your company new clients. Contact us at 310.771.0660 for more information.

photo credit: Iguana Jo via photopin cc


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