27 Nov 2012

“Thanks.” It’s a word we use all the time. For many of us, it’s an innate part of our lives, programmed since early childhood. The barista hands you your morning coffee – “thanks.” The hostess seats you at your table – “thanks.” Your son picks up his shoes and puts them away – “thanks.”

But, how often do you honestly and openly show your gratitude for the people in your life?

Last week, in honor of Thanksgiving, I did just that. I sent a note to friends, clients and colleagues letting them know just how much their presence in my life means to me and thanked them for that simple gift. I signed the note by asking them to share this spirit of gratitude with others.

I didn’t realize that over the next week I’d receive heartfelt notes of kindness, compassion and gratitude for my presence in their lives as well. I’d like to share a few of these notes with you:

I am eternally grateful to have you on our team for this rollout and am so thankful for all of your help, expertise, and guidance. You are a true to joy to work with!

What a warm and sincere message! I agree whole-heartedly and feel exactly the same! Hope your holiday was spent with loved ones and blessings were shared.

THANK YOU … you’ve definitely blessed my life in many wonderful ways!

So nice Laurel – thanks for being a part of my life too! Have a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving.

Thanks for the lovely note, Laurel.  You have been a special light in my life.  Thank you. Best wishes for a lovely holiday with your sweet family.

The act of recognizing others and appreciating them for simply “being” was gift enough. In this week, I have reconnected with old friends and formed a deeper connection with new. And – as a reward – I too have been genuinely and kindly appreciated for my impact in their lives.

Thanksgiving may have passed for another year, but I encourage you to keep this expression of gratitude moving forward. Take a moment to really recognize someone today. Beyond just the word, give thanks for the role they play in your life. Expect nothing in return. But, don’t be surprised if you are the one who benefits most.


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