11 Jul 2013

Remarkable! – Step into Greatness!

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I just popped onto the blog of my former employee, Donna Queza, and her new company, Donna and Nailah (http://donnaandnailah.com) and I loved what I saw!  Their fresh approach to life, their energy and  positive nature (plus their skills) impressed and inspired me.  The most recent blog spoke of their attendance at a conference about being Remarkable, something most of us strive for, or hope to be one day.  Remarkable is a phrase used to describe things that we perhaps never thought could be, but by some stroke of luck or hard work, happened.  And yet, is not each of us in our own way remarkable?  I think if you look closely, you might agree.

I think Donna is remarkable and I am proud of her accomplishments, and I know that at one time in her journey I played a small part in the person into which she has evolved today.  That truly makes me happy.  That she chose to be an entrepreneur, has created awesome partnerships, and has begun to make a serious impact on the world is not remarkable to me.  I am not surprised, for that is the spirit she has always carried within.  This is what happens when hard work, talent and passion collide! — Ok, maybe a little remarkable!

But I also felt a little sad for a moment, and  for a second, even a bit jealous.  I noticed that their company offers some of the same services that my company offers.  My first thought was, “Wow, I have competition!” — And I do!  Truly, I only played a small part in her journey, and although I know I contributed to her – It’s arrogant of me to claim credit.  What is true is that Donna and Nailah are doing it better and fresher than I ever could, which is how it ought to be.  The next generation is supposed to take things to the next level!

And then I felt a little sad, because what I know to really be true is that I don’t want it as bad as they do.  They want to be remarkable. They want to help others. They want to do marketing, strategic plans, connect people, create, and help others to grow and flourish. They are passionate, they are driven, and they are excited about the difference that they and others can make in the world.  Today, I don’t have the same passion in business that I did at one time.  I used to want similar things.  I dreamed of making that huge difference with Pick My Brain.  Yet, for several years now, my path has been on a steady diversion to another calling. And my response to that call has pulled my attention away from driving a successful, growing business. I’m pleased with my work, and I serve my clients well, and for many, my work and being has made a profound difference. Rather than driving toward expansion, I’ve been content to maintain my business at the present level, because it gives me the space and time to explore and respond to what is next.

Looking at myself, with love and acceptance, I recognize that at the core of my being my desire and passion hasn’t changed.   I still want to make a difference in the world.  A part of me desires to be remarkable, and in that to help others grow, and flourish, and be successful, and relevant. The game hasn’t changed, only the playing field.

This fall I will begin to seriously explore a new path, a new call, to discern where my unique, remarkable gifts and talents will best be used in the world.  In partnership with others, I will look closely at who God is calling me to be, and in what way I am being called to serve the world and God.  It may one day lead me away from being an entrepreneur, yet what I’ve learned and honed from self-employment is surely to be of help as I continue to live my values of belief in God, hard work, giving to others, supporting, guiding, & praying for them.  And finding this new path is what may be most remarkable to me.

Donna Queza is a part of my journey – and working with her (both as boss and as client) has helped me to grow, flourish and improve my work.  I am grateful for her support, encouragement and wisdom.
donna nailahSo, if you’re up for Remarkable, I highly recommend you check out Donna and Naila.

As for me, I’ll continue to serve the clients of Pick My Brain with joy and gratitude — even as I look ahead.



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