Discipline or Rhythm?

I recently began graduate school, attending classes on Friday and Saturday every other weekend. Now, I wish I could say that I had the time to focus solely on my studies, but in today’s world (and in mine in particular right now), this isn’t possible. So, I’m learning about how to manage the ebb and.. read more →

The Art of Letting Go in Business

A key foundation of business is to work toward a defined outcome or a measurable result. The achievement of that result is what we use to define our success, and is often a benchmark for the next project. We create specific goals and expectations for the result and whether it’s making a certain amount of.. read more →

Do business and spirituality mix?

When starting a business, an entrepreneur will put her heart and soul into creating it. It often begins with an amazing idea, one that wakes you up at night and excites you. The vision begins to be formulated, shared and modified into something that actually could be. The business will – without question – have the characteristics and.. read more →