Laurel Coote Small Business Consultant Pick My Brain Los Angeles

As a business owner, I understand the expectation to provide clients with a stellar experience while managing, marketing and maintaining the business. It can be overwhelming. I can help you streamline your process and develop a strategic plan for the growth of your business. I’ll assist you in identifying the places where your time is best spent and where you can (and should) be delegating, creating a customized consulting plan for you.

Entrepreneurial Counseling

Take your great ideas from concept to reality. I’ll give you the tools to start, brand and market your company while remembering to keep your strategic goals in mind. Gain the knowledge to keep the big picture in focus without losing site of the day-to-day operations of running a business.

Before meeting with Laurel I had reached an impasse in my business development. Her observations and suggestions were spot on, and I really appreciate the referrals she gave me. I feeling very confident of my future success as I take the steps we discussed.” Katy Hall ∫ Strategies for Success Hypnotherapy

Strategic, Business & Marketing Planning

When you’re simply reacting to circumstances you are always a step behind. Learn how to conduct your business proactively and develop a plan to ensure that everyone in your company moves toward a common goal.  Plans come in many varieties.  Strategic plans focus on vision and long term goals.  Business plans focus on operations, procedures, finance and functionality.  Marketing plans help you tell your story effectively and to increase your sales.   Communication plans work on the key elements of telling your story consistently, clearly and in an engaging way!   Let us help you with your planning today!

Growth Strategy

You’ve already started your business and you’ve experienced some success, but you find yourself asking, “Where do I go from here?” Together we assess your company and develop a short or long term strategy for growth.

Hospitality Industry Consulting

My heart and years of experience lie within the hospitality industry. If you’re looking to launch your own event planning business, or want to identify ways to grow your existing brand – I can help. I’ve planned events ranging from academic poster sessions to trade shows and launch parties. We will work together to strategically develop your niche and create a client outreach plan. Let’s chat about your goals!

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