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One of my greatest joys as a business owner is having the ability to share my passions with others. I’ve found ways to incorporate both my spirituality and commitment to community in my business model.  I can help you identify those things that are truly important to your life and discover how to make them a part of your professional offerings. So, share a piece of yourself with me today!

Spiritual Direction

Spirituality and business are two concepts that many people find taboo in the same context. For years I even questioned how my own faith could (or should) play a role in how I do business. Over time, I discovered that my faith is an integral part of who I am and thus, impacts and influences the way I server my customers.  And, I began to seek out a was to support others on their spiritual journey, while also opening the door to conversations about how (or how not) our core beliefs, ethics and spirituality impact our work and the way we do business.

In June of 2013, I became a Certified Spiritual Director (certificate earned from the Stillpoint Center for Christian Spirituality )   A Spiritual Director is one who companions another on their spiritual journey.  In a classic model, there are three present in the spiritual direction session:  The Directee, The Director and The Holy (God, Universe, Spirit).   Spiritual Direction provides the framework for digging deeper into what matters, where one might be called to make a change, or how to reconcile a difficult challenge — all within the context of the Holy.  I’ve been trained to be a good listener and to guide others in listening to their own (and God’s)  wisdom as they seek answers to to deeper personal questions.

My approach to Spiritual Direction is one of openness and acceptance. I enjoy working with people of any faith tradition.   Individual sessions focus upon topics of importance to the Directee and are generally a one-hour session, once a month at my office.   Group Spiritual Direction (also known as Spiritual Friends Groups) are a great place to join with others in exploring your spirituality and faith, or to seek support when facing an important life decision.   In group work, individuals are given time to share, while others in the group practice active listening.  We don’t offer counsel, advice or try to fix problems.  Rather, it’s about having a safe place to be heard, and to be able to speak one’s concerns aloud.

If you’re a business owner or professional who desires to look deeper at how your faith informs your work, I can support you on your journey.

To schedule a corporate, group or individual Spiritual Direction appointment, please contact me via phone or email.

For more on this fascinating topic, read my blog post Do business and spirituality mix?  

Speaking Opportunities (Bringing our Brains to You)

PMB is pleased to announce that we now offer a 4 day course, “Meeting Planning Training”.  This course is based upon the CIC Manual and the PCMA Professional Meeting Management Book, and will provide a thorough overview for your planning or sales team.  We can customize based upon your goals and objectives!

When I’m not working one-on-one with business owners and managers, or in small teams, I love to speak to groups about topics ranging from business management and marketing; starting a business in the hospitality industry; and the value of giving back to community.   In addition, I am an Accredited Trainer with Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and have delivered the MPI Global Certificate in Business and Meeting Events II in  the U.S., Korea and Taiwan.   The Pick My Brain team is available to deliver topic-specific training to your staff, or at your next event.

I’ve been a featured speaker at:
– Event Solutions Conference
– MPI Southern California
– MPI San Diego
– MPI San Francisco
– International Special Events Society (ISES), Los Angeles Chapter ‘ Meet the Masters” 2012

In addition to speaking,  I’m a lifelong learner and an educator committed to helping others hone and develop their skills.
I am presently  an Instructor at San Diego State University’s College of Extended Studies. where I teach “How to Start Your Own Business in the Hospitality Industry”

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