Corporate Training and Facilitation by Laurel Coote

Whether you’re an executive, manager or are looking to train a great team, my colleagues and I can help you develop the skills necessary to oversee the operations of your business or department, and to effectively handle the challenges that come your way. We can also foster an environment of community and support within your diverse and growing team.

Leadership Structure Functionality

We will assess your company’s current organizational structure to ensure that it’s functioning in the most efficient and effective way possible, with the right people in charge. We’ll then offer recommendations for structuring your group so that everyone knows their role within the larger organization.

Manager and Executive Development Training

When you’re creating a successful company the workload increases. Ease that load by gaining the skills to delegate projects to your employees and empower them to step into a place of leadership within the company.

As a counselor and mentor to me in my business dealings, Laurel always has an uncanny way of listening to the issues at hand, and then getting to the real heart of the matter. In our many conversations over the years she has been able to point me in new directions that I hadn’t thought of before, and she has helped me to focus and flesh out my own ideas in ways that always made perfect sense.” Dan Wilson ∫ Daniel Wilson Photography

Talking it Out with Facilitation Services

Whether you need someone to moderate discussion among your team, or you’d like to lead a focus group to test a new product or service within your target market, my job is to bring people together and to capture the most focused detail from our interactions. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and let a neutral third-party blast through some of those dangerous assumptions – We’re here to do that for you!

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